Surfing in Patong

September 13, 2019.
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Have you ever dreamt of learning how to surf? Patong Beach is the perfect place to get your feet wet and learn how to ride the waves. And the month of September is the right time to try it out.

At this time of year, the sea is calming down, and there is often a steady breeze to generate rideable waves along the western side of the island of Phuket. The wind coming off the ocean prevents you from drifting out to sea, and the bay off of Patong Beach forms a natural harbour that prevents the waves from becoming too large for the beginner to ride. It’s a forgiving bay of warm, tropical water that is the ideal place to take your first surfing safari.

The month of September kicks off with the Kalim Beach Surf Contest on held September 6 through 8. Kalim Beach lies just north of Patong beach inside the bay. It’s one of Phuket’s most popular places for surfing. But even if you miss the surfing contest, you’ll undoubtedly see plenty of surfers at Kalim Beach honing their skills. September is right in the middle of surfing season so the surfers will be out on the waves.

Dive into the Sport of Surfing

With surfboard rentals available at several locations along Patong Beach, it’s easy to get a surfboard under your feet. If you’d like to learn on your own or have an experienced friend teach you, renting a board for the day is the perfect way to get out on the waves and give surfing a try.

There also are two accredited surfing schools located in Kata Beach just to the south of Patong and Bangtao Beach, located in the Laguna area of Phuket about a half-hour north of Patong.

But once you’ve located a surfboard vendor along Patong Beach, they may be perfectly willing to show you the basics of surfing, for an additional fee, of course.

Windsurfing Offers Another Thrill

For days when there are no waves, but a gentle breeze is blowing, windsurfing is another water sport that you might like to experience. There are several windsurfing shops along Patong Beach. They offer windsurfers and instruction. They also include life vests.

You’re better off taking them up on an instructional package, as windsurfing demands you learn the basics of sailing, as well as how to keep your balance on a board. But once you get the hang of it, windsurfing provides addicting pleasures. The warm wind in your face as you skim along over the waves powered entirely by the breeze and the skills you've mastered is a feeling you'll never forget.

Patong Bay is the perfect place to learn the sport. The offshore wind and the water currents of the bay will always return you to the beach.

Surfing on Dry Land?

We’re not talking about skateboarding. We’re talking about experiencing the Flowrider. If you’re just too worried about venturing into the open ocean, booking a surf session on the Flowrider gives you the experience and sensation of surfing. But it takes place on dry land.

The Surf House Patong Beach is the place to go to surf the Flowrider. It’s located right on Beach Road just south of Banana Walk Shopping Mall. It’s a multilevel bar and restaurant popular with local surfers and tourists. The Flowrider is a pool with a bouncy, forgiving bottom that generates waves you can ride aboard a small surfboard called a flowboard.

You can book a session on the Flowrider by the hour. If you're new to surfing, you'll start your session by laying down on the board. As you become more confident and find your sense of balance, you may just end your session surfing like a pro.

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