Enjoy Patong with the Family

August 31, 2018.
Tags: Phuket, Patong

Patong Beach in Phuket is one of the most popular tourist spots in Thailand and perhaps even Asia. People from all over the world congregate at Patong to enjoy the most liveliest beach in Phuket. Over the years, Patong has become synonymous with drinking, cabaret shows, and other seedier affairs and while some of this is true, it does not tell the whole story. 

Like the rest of Thailand, Phuket has made major upgrades in its infrastructure and the steep rise in tourism has also seen investment by public and private institutions to keep the island attractive. Authorities have already implemented many changes to keeping the beach free of pollution and over exploitation but another factor is the just the development of other facilities.

Patong has malls, family attractions and whole lot more to keep you and your family happy and entertained. Not every area at night is inappropriate for children but with some discretion, you can avoid those areas entirely. Here’s a few great places for you to enjoy in Patong with your family.

Patong Beach

There is nothing wrong with the beach and every kid in the world wants to play in the sand and swim in the sea. The turquoise blue waters of the Andaman will bring joy to most children and the cleanliness of the beach has greatly improved with the intervention of the authorities. Make sure to go in the morning and ensure that everyone has thoroughly applied sunscreen.

Loma Park

At one end of Patong Beach sits Loma Park, a kid-friendly space that hosts many events in Patong. You don’t need to worry about visiting Loma Park specifically for an event but it is a nice place to spend the afternoon outdoors without sitting on the beach.

Loma Park has a huge playground for all the children and there are plenty of food stalls where parents can get some lunch or snacks and perhaps even a drink or two. ‘Loma’ means dolphin in Thai and there are statues of dolphins all over the park. The park is also a good meeting spot through the day as it is easy to find.

Malin Plaza Market

A relatively new night market in south Patong, Malin Plaza is best known for its food. One of the highlights of the market is choosing some freshly caught seafood and presenting it to a food stall so that it can be cooked just for you. There’s all kinds of delicious Thai food available but make room for dessert as Thailand’s famous Mango Sticky Rice, Pan-Fried Ice Cream, and Banana Pancakes are all available here. With food at low prices, Malin Plaza is definitely worth multiple visits.

Suwan Khiri Wong Temple

Switch it up a bit with some important cultural exposure. This is Thailand after all and the dominant religion is Buddhism. It is important that visitors understand that this a unique opportunity for them to interact with a religion that isn’t easy to find in many parts of the world.

Take this chance to expose your family to Buddhism by visiting the awe-inspiring Suwan Khiri Wong Temple. The tranquility of the temple is a welcome calm after a day of hustle and bustle and the architecture is something to be admired. The Dragon Stairs are the famous part of the temple and after seeing it up close, it is easy to understand why.

Jungceylon Mall

We could have easily picked Central Festival but technically it is bit deeper inland, Jungceylon, however, is a Patong fixture. Spending a few hours indoors in the air conditioning is probably a good idea and sometimes, even the most adventurous of children need to something familiar in their lives. Jungceylon is a large mall with all the dining, shopping and entertainment options that every family enjoys. Take an afternoon to enjoy all the things you love to do with your family.

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