6 Places To Find Authentic Thai Desserts And Sweets In Hua Hin

January 03, 2018.
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There’s no doubt about it, the Kingdom of Smiles is famous for its street food and local dishes. From papaya salad to Thai green curry, the food of Thailand is known worldwide. If you’re someone that likes to discover a country through its food, you can’t ignore the other side.

That’s right, we’re talking about sweets and desserts. There’s a whole world of delights aside from mango sticky rice. The flavour palate of sweet, sour and salty are the foundation of Thai cuisine, that it isn’t surprising to find out that sweets are equally popular as a indulgent past time.

Hua Hin, the seaside resort on the gulf of Thailand is the perfect place to escape the heat, find a Hua Hin apartment to rent and try out some of the nations most popular sweets. Filled with some local dessert stalls and cafes that have been around for decades, choose to make a day out of it and venture along from spot to spot, picking up the local delights. From mango flavoured treats to coconut milk based desserts. Crispy, sticky, wet and dry, there’s something new to discover for everyone in the group.

Here are some of the top local dessert places to pop by when visiting Hua Hin:

1. Mango Sticky Rice Mae Nong Nuch

Your first stop needs to be Mae Nong Much, specialising in the famous mango sticky rice and the green noodle dessert (Lod Chong). It’s a combination of savoury and sweet that most people aren’t expecting. Mango sticky rice is particularly enticing with the soft fresh mango, glutinous rice and topped with crispy toasted rice. All covered in a sweet sauce. This shop has been opened for decades and is still keeping its uniqueness as the country itself!

Where To Find It: https://goo.gl/maps/K2cxsbvZoNC2

2. Chutima Cake

The smell of freshly baked Thai goods will waft in as you step through the doors. Part cakehouse, part bakery you can find a few different styles of desserts. Birthday cakes inspired by Thai flavours such as Foi Thong (sweet spun egg threads, inspired by Portuguese descent) top the colourful cakes in the bakery.

Where To Find It: https://goo.gl/maps/RLZCfsr7NP42

3. OTOP Prachuap Khiri Khan

Here at OTOP Trader center at Prachuap Khiri Khan, is the place to discover more dried style Thai desserts and snacks. From plum flavoured to dried bananas and other fruits. Wander around, grab something you like the look of and experience some new Thai flavours.

Where To Find It: https://goo.gl/maps/smhpD8n6PKE2

4. Chatchai Market

Not only will you find all types of dried goods here at Chatchai Market, Thailand is famous itself for it’s likely night markets. You can find stalls where piles of unusual dried fruits and vegetables lie, and the locals will only be too happy to let you have a little taster before you buy. It’s a good place to stroll around and find something new, it might be Khanom Chun, a thai layered jelly, sticky and sweet or you’re bound to find some Khanom Wan Ruam Mit. A colorful concoction of sticky balls and mixed treats usually in a sweet coconut milk style soup.

Keep going through the maze and you might find some Roti Gluay, a sweet banana pancake, flash fried and topped with condensed milk. It’s an iconic treat served usually on a plate with a toothpick. When the warm parcels of sticky goodness hit your mouth, you’ll be running back for seconds.

Where To Find It: https://goo.gl/maps/GDQe2sqemcq

5. Mae Keb Khanomthai

The local store is where you’ll find a unique menu and outdoor seating to enjoy treats like Tong Yord. Yellow balls of goodness, made from egg yolk, sugar, syrup and water, these balls are a special texture that you won’t find many other places.

Where To Find It: https://goo.gl/maps/B3AjNkv5GV52

6. Benjapong

Come here for their Takoh, a special coconut based dessert that’s mixed and steamed to create a sweet coconut custard. Wrapped in banana leaves, the dessert is infused with a special flavour that’s iconic to Thailand and Southeast Asia. You’ll be able to pick up other bite sized morsels like jellys, simply pop in and see what’s available for the day.

Where To Find It: https://goo.gl/maps/GaNxkw8zC1P2

As you can see, Hua Hin is a paradise to discover the local sweets of Thailand. Not too crowded, you can find these hidden spots, sit back and enjoy the local flavours in laidback Hua Hin. Go out of your way to explore an individual cafe or make your way to one of the night markets and make a Do-It-Yourself dessert tour out of the night. Wherever you are, you’re sure to find a new and tasty Thai sweet or dessert to experience.

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