5 Cycling Routes in Hua Hin

February 21, 2019.
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While with a population of around 75,000, Hua Hin is considered a small city, it’s spread out all along the kilometres of beautiful beach on the city’s eastern shore.

While seasoned and fit cyclists will find negotiating the flat streets of Hua Hin relatively easy, for tourists looking to see the sights as well as get some exercise, the attractions of the city can be a bit spread out for the average cyclist, particularly when you’re bringing the kids along on your bike ride.

With this in mind, here are 5 cycling routes that offer interesting scenery and attractions along the way and abundant stores and restaurants where you can get a drink or a bite to eat and rest.

Getting to and from the cycling routes from your Hua Hin accommodation mainly involves the use of local songtaews, the ubiquitous green passenger pickup trucks that ply regular routes in Hua Hin and server as the bus system in the city, or taxis, although you may simply want to ride to the routes as well if you’re feeling adventurous. The first 2 routes are short and suitable for children while the final 3 are more difficult and should only be undertaken by fit and healthy cyclists.

Thale Noi to Queen’s Park

Thale Noi in Hua Hin is actually two lakes within a park that also holds the Rajamanalaphisek Library. The park is situated across the road from the Culture Centre.

There are paths suitable for cycling that circle both of the lakes and make for a cycling route that is suitable for kids. The eastern lake abuts the beach and ocean. If, after circling the lakes for a while, your kids are still eager to ride, you can set out for Queen’s Park just a bit north of Thale Noi.

Queen’s Park has a playground where your kids can work off any energy they have left while you enjoy the view of the beach and breezes of the ocean.

Home Beach to Hua Hin Fishing Pier

This is also a short, easy ride that is suitable for kids. Starting from Home Beach at the top of Naebkehardt Road, this ride ends up the Hua Hin Fishing Pier. But it’s a ride that offers plenty of places to stop for refreshments and anywhere along the way you can take a side soi down to the water’s edge to take pictures of the beach.

The ride takes you down Naebhehardt Road to Hua Hin 55 where you’ll turn left. Turn left again just before you reach the beach and follow the road parallel to the beach until you end up at the fishing pier. You and your kids can watch from the pier as the fishing boats set off to sea and pull in with their catches.

Hill Climb Up Khao Hin Lek Fai

This isn’t a long bike ride, but it’s a tough one. It’s less than 5 kilometres but it will test your endurance as you climb the steep road up to the summit of Khao Hin Lek Fai. But once you reach the summit you’ll be rewarded with perhaps the best view to the north of Hua Hin.

The best starting point is from the Hua Hin Night Market. Take Khao Hin Lek Fai 2 Road heading west from the night market. It will be an inclined road heading to the base of the hill. Follow the signs and take the left turn leading to the state park at the top of Khao Hin Lek Fai.

This is where the going will get tough. Road bikes with very low gear ratios will be your best bet on this hill. However, once you reach the top you’ll be amply rewarded by the view. Just be sure and take your camera.

Hua Hin Fishing Pier to Wat Khao Takiap

This cycling route takes you through central Hua Hin where you have a wide choice of places to stop and eat or drink and rest along the way. The route is just over 8 kilometres so it won’t take up your whole day and it’s a simple and level route to follow with things to see at both end of it.

Starting from the Hua Hin Fishing Pier, ride up to Naebkehardt Road and turn left heading south. Continue on when it intersects with Phet Kasem Road and follow this road as takes you through central Hua Hin. When Phet Kasem veers off to the right, continue straight onto Nong Kae-Takiap Road. Follow this road all the way until it ends at the Golden Buddha.

Route 2043 into BlúPort Hua Hin Resort Mall

We start this approximately 7-kilometre route out west of Hua Hin where Route 2004 intersects with Route 2043. Start riding east along Route 2043 all the way until you run into Prapoklao Road. You’ll pass pleasant rural scenes along the way that will be a change from the city.

When you reach Prapoklao Road take a right and ride 2 blocks to Hua Hin Soi 88, where you’ll take a left. Follow Hua Hin 88 down until you come to Phet Kasem Road where you’ll take a right. Then it’s only a short distance down Phet Kasem Road where you’ll come to the welcome air-conditioning and the numerous food outlets of BlúPort Hua Hin Resort Mall.

If you’re an avid cyclist, Hua Hin is one destination that will offer you hundreds of routes you can explore on long rides or short hops. Why not visit the city and book your accommodations through Rental for the Holidays? We have great rental units in every area of the city.